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Church Growth International(CGI) is an international institute inaugurated in Nov.1976 by Dr. David Yonggi Cho

Who was the senior pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church(YFGC). YFGC started by Dr. Cho and his mother in law Rev.
Choi Jashil with 5 people in 1958. Since then, the church grew incredibly and become the largest church in the world. In 2016 the total membership of the church is 540,000 and still growing.

About CGI

The CGI has growing more and more with joining more pastors and leaders of Christian world from many nations.
Especially the board members of CGI are well-known Christian leaders as a pastor or theologist or evangelist.
They all agreed the purpose of CGI and willingly joined CGI for the sake of the Load. The purpose of CGI is to promote the growth of the churches all over the wolrd, making an example of successful pastors and churches based on the biblical principle.

The board of CGI consists of 63 pastors and doctors of church growth from more than 25 countries. CGI as a global international institute holds a world church growth conference and seminar annually, or once every two years in the major cities of the world. Every odd year the conference is held in Seoul Korea. To this day, it has hosted 600 seminars in 100 countries with 12,200,000 participants.

In addition, it publishes church growth related books in English. And English magazine "Church Growth" published delivers to read to the 18,000 subscribers in 181 countries. In 2016 CGI start to provide webzine for the members.